Root Canal Spring Valley

Root Canal in Las Vegas

Tooth decay and other dental problems can be a great source of worry for a person. Nevertheless, once you face any problem related to your dental health, it is only wise to get it treated as soon as possible. Prevention is one way of getting rid of the painful treatments, procedures, and surgeries that need to be performed to counteract the problem.

The natural cavity in the middle of a tooth is referred to as the "root canal." There is a softer area in the root canal called the pulp or pulp chamber. The root canal Spring Valley also contains the nerve of the tooth. In this treatment, our dentist will remove the pulp along with the nerve.

When a tooth is severely decayed or has become brutally infected, then a root canal treatment will need to be performed on it in order to save it. There are various symptoms that will occur when your teeth starts becoming decayed. You may experience toothaches ranging from mild to severe depending on decayed the tooth is, sensitivity to hot and cold foods, swelling around the decayed area, and even darker hues on the tooth’s enamel if severe enough. Failing to correct the damage could result in complete loss of your tooth, requiring an expensive tooth extraction, a procedure that is more painful than a root canal Spring Valley.

During the procedure, your general dentist will clean and seal the inside of the decayed tooth after the pulp and the nerve have been removed. Your dentist will also replace the removed pulp and nerve with an artificial one to restore normal function to your tooth.

After the procedure, you may still be numb from the local anesthetic used. You may also feel some pain or soreness the following days after. The pain can usually be treated with an over-the-counter inflammatory drug such as Advil or ibuprofen.

Root canals save your decayed tooth, but typically the crown portion (e.g. the part used when you bite down) is lost. Most patients desire a permanent crown to restore their tooth, making it look wholesome again.

Root canal treatment is absolutely necessary because severe abscesses might be formed and the surrounding tissue of the tooth also becomes infected. Hence, ignoring the root canal Spring Valley treatment will not only lead to continuous severe pain in the teeth but can also turn into cancer if left untreated. Root canals are considered a safe, effective treatment that dentists have been using for many years.