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Periondontal disease or "Perio" disease is not just the name of one problem. In fact, when any problems take place in the sulcul (which is the gap between the tooth and the gum), our periodontist Spring Valley refers to it as a Perio disease. It can be extremely harmful to your teeth.

This disease is usually separated into two broad categories or sub diseases, which include Gingivitis and Periodontitis. Both of these can cause serious damage to your gums and teeth. Gingivitis is known to cause several wounds or lesions which have negative effects on the gums while Periodontitis is known to cause damage to the bone along with the connective tissue that helps in supporting the teeth.

Bacteria is the major culprit behind this disease. Even if you think you have healthy teeth and healthy gums, the gaps in your mouth will be swarming with bacteria. Never be afraid to visit our periodontist Spring Valley for a checkup.

This bacteria seems harmless as long as you take adequate measures of cleaning your teeth.

Nevertheless, if the bacteria continues to take residence in your mouth and increases in quantity, or the type of bacteria that is residing in your gums is disease-causing, then you are in danger of facing Periodontitis disease, because such bacteria is most likely to grow until it becomes plaque. On the other hand, Gingivitis is more of a chronic disease, which refers to the inflammation of the gums or the gingiva.

There are treatments for periodontal disease but it is always wise of you to prevent the problem before you have to have costly and time consuming treatments conducted. In order to prevent this problem you can start off by adopting healthy oral habits of maintaining hygiene and cleanliness. These might sound very basic things to do but these form the base in preventing diseases related to your gums, teeth, tissues and bones. Brushing your teeth regularly and effectively along with using mouth-wash for cleansing your mouth from the bacteria is certainly a positive step in the right direction. These regular habits can only protect your mouth. For improved prevention, our periodontist Spring Valley recommends you to establish changes in your diet. We recommend brushing your teeth after any meals that contain sugar in any form. Secondly, the in-take of sugary products such as snacks and drinks should be avoided.

Moreover, our dental clinic recommends that smoking should be avoided if you wish to maintain good health, because smoking has known to be a cause for the development of many chronic problems such as periodontal disease. Getting fluoride treatments through our dentist can also helpful. We believe that a significant factor after self care is to visit your dentist on regular basis and get dental examinations to be aware of any problem that might be arising in your teeth so that it can be treated appropriately.