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Many people might get a little confused when they are told that they should get dentures Spring Valley. Dentures are nothing but false teeth that are worn in a patient's mouth in order to replace their missing teeth. Tooth loss can be a result of any of the numerous dental issues people face every day.

Tooth loss is most often caused by decay from plaque. In fact, patients who do not pay attention to this serious issue can also become completely edentulous, which means they can lose all their teeth. The reasons for tooth loss vary and include defects in tooth development, which are usually caused by extreme malnutrition, drug use, or trauma. If you are experiencing your teeth falling out, please visit our emergency dentist so we can help alleviate your issue.

About the procedure

In medical terminology dentures are considered prosthetic devices made for restoring the lost tooth or teeth in a person's mouth. The neighboring hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity support the dentures. There are a number of different designs for these dentures; traditionally all of these dentures are removable except for fixed partial dentures Spring Valley.

Many dentures depend on dental implants. The dentures are divided into two broad categories. These categories basically depend upon how the dentures will be used, which means whether the dentures are used for replacing missing teeth on the maxillary arch or on the mandibular arch.

There are removable dentures and complete dentures, which are given to a patient depending on his/ her dental condition. All types of dentures needs to be taken care of adequately. Regular cleaning is required.

If you have dentures Spring Valley, then our dentist suggests that you should clean them with a moist toothbrush and denture cleanser twice or three times a day. Sometimes, your dentures might need to be replaced, especially if they get cracked. For this, you will have to visit your emergency dentist.

Below is a breakdown of our various types of Dentures based on price and quality:

Full Dentures

Partial Dentures

We Do Implant Dentures Too!

Implant Dentures in Las Vegas

Along with offering fixed replacements for the decayed and broken teeth, Floss Dental in Las Vegas, Nevada also offers removable dentures. Dentures are more sought after solution for broken teeth by the older population. Most often, when a person grows old in age, his teeth weaken, ultimately resulting in the loss of one or more teeth. This is where dentures come into play.

Dentures offered in Floss Dental in Las Vegas, Nevada are of two types; complete and partial. Complete dentures are again either conventional or immediate. The biggest difference between the two is of the time required to install them after the teeth loss or extraction. Immediate dentures are installed right after the teeth loss or extraction occurs while conventional ones are installed after 8-12 weeks of wait while giving time for gums and surrounding areas to heal properly. Immediate dentures are however, considered as temporary dentures fitted to cover up the missing teeth structure.

Dentures are usually bonded with the gum colored plastic base which is then attached to a metal frame. The metal frame that holds the denture is then installed in the socket. At Floss Dental in Las Vegas Nevada, we offer a variety of dentures to choose from. Each denture varies in quality and cost and are designed for any one’s budget. However, all our dentures are of supreme quality and durable. Our dentists may also assist you in choosing the type of denture that best fits your requirement.