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Rejuvenate your smile with Dental Implants Spring Valley

Tooth loss might be a nightmare to many people, but our changing dietary habits and lifestyles have lead us to many health problems, including oral problems. Most of us fear tooth replacement, but at some point it becomes absolutely necessary if the health of your teeth is badly weakened or fractured.

Moreover, any physical trauma or any gum disease and tooth decay, if left untreated or treated after the damage had been done might lead to loss of teeth. Hence, tooth replacement becomes essential for a lot of different reasons. Living with a toothless mouth is certainly not an appealing idea, right?

It will create troubles for you while eating, as it will become extremely hard to chew your food, eventually leading to indigestion problems.

Furthermore, it will make speaking more challenging, as you will not be able to pronounce words properly.

Your teeth also play a vital role in maintaining the beauty of your cheeks and your lips. The jaw bone is most likely to draw inwards if you have missing teeth.

What are Dental Implants?

Therefore, replacing missing teeth with dental implants Spring Valley is strongly recommended by our cosmetic dentist so that you can live your life with full confidence. So, what are dental implants? Dental implants Spring Valley are tiny threaded cylinders that are shaped like a screw.

These titanium devices are implanted in the mouth of a patient either at the lower arches of the mouth, known as Mandibular arches, or the upper arches of the mouth called Maxillary arches. With dental implants, missing teeth can be replaced by artificial ones or when a patient requires steadying his or her dentures. These can also be used for supporting other dental prosthesis such as implant-supported bridges and/or crowns.