Dental Crowns Spring Valley & Bridges

Dental Crowns in Las Vegas

Teeth that have been damaged or decayed and are left weak and unprotected are at risk of incurring further harm.

If your teeth need restoration, our dentist may recommend a dental crown Spring Valley. Dental crowns work like caps placed over a tooth, restoring the tooth's shape, strength, and appearance.

Crowns encase the entire visible portion of a tooth, keeping it fully protected. Dental crowns can be made of several types of materials. 

Metals - Metal crowns can include gold alloy, nickel, and more. These are some of the strongest and longest lasting crowns available, but they are the most noticeable. These are best for back molars.

Ceramic - These dental crowns Spring Valley are the best choice for when your crown must perfectly match the color of your teeth. They're not as strong as metal crowns, and they can even chip with too much pressure. If you suffer from metal allergies, ceramic crowns may be your best bet.

Porcelain-on-metal - This type of dental crown Spring Valley benefits from the strength of metal and the appearance of porcelain. They match the color of your teeth, though the metal part may be seen as a dark line in the tooth, making them great for visible teeth that need to be used often. Like all-ceramic crowns, the porcelain part can chip if put under heavy stress. 

Despite the efforts of our dentist and modern oral hygiene, many people are unable to protect their teeth from damage and decay. Whether it's caused by physical trauma or years of untreated plaque, tooth loss is a common problem today. While it is more likely to occur in old age, tooth loss can be trouble for people of all ages. 

The biggest problem that tooth loss presents is the empty space a lost tooth leaves behind. Sure, it may be embarrassing to have a missing tooth as part of your smile, but the issue is more significant than your appearance.

You need strong teeth to properly chew your food. Missing a few can make eating a real challenge, especially when food gets trapped in the gaps between teeth. Cleaning these gaps out is crucial to maintaining proper oral hygiene, but it can be difficult and even painful if your gums are sensitive. Even worse, a gap may cause your teeth to shift and spread out over the gap, causing smaller gaps and overlaps in your entire smile.

These days, no one needs to suffer from gaps caused by tooth loss again. Dental bridges are used to fill the gaps created by missing teeth. These bridges are composed of two crowns, which are placed on the teeth adjacent by our dentist to the gap to anchor the bridge, and a false tooth (or multiple false teeth, if needed) to replace the missing tooth. 

Essentially, a bridge is a replacement tooth or teeth held in place by your natural teeth. The results look natural and will restore your ability to chew food easily. Bridges also distribute the pressure of your bite evenly, moving some of the stress put on your natural teeth to the false teeth. They'll even properly space your teeth out, preventing them from shifting position. Bridges will perfectly restore both your smile and your confidence.