Dental Bonding Spring Valley at Floss Dental

Aesthetic Bonding in Las Vegas

Dental bonding Spring Valley is an ideal option for patients looking for a conservative approach to fixing the appearance of their teeth. Materials used in bonding are stain resistant, can be fitted to small areas like cavities or chipped teeth, and bonding takes very little time to complete as a procedure. Bonding is also much more affordable than crowns or veneers.

Both aesthetic and functional goals can be reached with the application of dental bonding. However, it is best used for small changes like masking small coloring imperfections of the enamel, or changing the shape of teeth.

We do not recommend using bonding in high bite pressure areas since bonding materials can chip and wear over time. Areas with low pressure, like the front teeth, are ideal areas for repair with dental bonding. Your bonding materials may need to be replaced or repaired over the years, but with proper dental hygiene and care, they should last about ten years before touch ups are needed.

The bonding process does not require much preparation, and work for a single tooth can be completed in thirty minutes to an hour depending on what needs to be done. Before the procedure anesthesia is only needed in cases where bonding is used as a filling. First our dentist will match the bonding materials to the color or your teeth to ensure a natural look. When this is done, the tooth's surface will be filed down slightly to provide a more adhesive surface for the bonding material, and a conditioning liquid will be spread onto the areas needing treatment. The bonding material will then be applied, shaped, hardened with an ultraviolet light, and finally polished.

If you have teeth with small problem areas, dental bonding Spring Valley might be a solution worth considering. Most insurance covers bonding, so call our dental office for a consultation with our cosmetic dentist to go over your options and find an affordable payment plan that works with your insurance and your budget.